I’m Jenna, a boy mom thrice over and the creator of What the Fiddlesticks. I grew up on the prairie in North Dakota with three sisters and a mom and dad who were high school sweethearts and are still married today. I went to college in Minnesota, served over 8 years in the Army as a medical service corps officer, and – after a brief stint in Germany – ended up in Maryland and then Washington State, where I hope to stay forever. 

I met my husband, Sam, in the army and we’ve been married almost 15 years. Sam remains on active duty as a pain doctor. So I get to be a doctor’s wife and also an army wife – super fun! Actually, our life is crazy but amazing, in large part due to Sam. Literally, he is a big guy who lives his life in a big way and is determined to make each day the Best Day Ever. I tend to be more introverted and less comfortable operating outside my tried and true social sphere and routine so at times all the activity brings out my anxiety and exhausts me, but we balance each other pretty well. My marriage isn’t perfect (and I don’t know any that are), but we focus on communication and respect and do our best every day. It might sound schmoopy but I can honestly say I am married to my best friend (with whom I sometimes feel extremely irritated).

I went to graduate school and achieved a doctorate in physical therapy and have practiced full and part time for the past ten years. It’s a rewarding job and I am happy to have the skills and ability to help people, however in my heart my calling has always been to write. From poetry to journaling to editing others’ work for fun, I have always loved writing. It took until I turned 40 to actually do something about that.

I often tell people that having kids is the hardest and best thing in the world and I truly believe that. On any given day my kids might hear me yell “What the fuck?!” at some bullshit they are pulling, but I guarantee they also hear me tell them I love them so often it’s probably annoying.

Being a mom has brought out the best and worst in me and has helped me to be a better person and grow in ways I never dreamed possible. It’s cliche but it’s true. For example, I never knew I could feel so much love, and I also never would have believed I’d go out in public caring so little about how I look.

I am not an extrovert or social butterfly but I love my friends fiercely and truly value honest relationships and the power they have to help us learn, grow, laugh, and stay sane. Having a safe and ready connection to another human being has saved me from going off the deep end many times when I have started to feel alone in this journey called life. Besides my people (they know who they are!), I also love coffee, champagne, and pretty much all types of food (though I have a love/hate relationship with Doritos). Luckily I love working out too. I spend way too much money at Target and daydream about decorating and interior design. I grapple with anxiety and control issues and tend to try and manage the daily chaos of my life with obsessive-compulsive behaviors such as fluffing couch pillows and wiping down my kitchen counters. The struggle is real. 

So there’s a brief synopsis of me! Thanks for being part of my journey and welcome to WTF. I’m so glad you came! 

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